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Toronto, Ontario, Freelance Copywriter,
Toronto, Ontario, Freelance Copywriter, Toronto, Ontario, Freelance Copywriter, Toronto, Ontario, Freelance Copywriter,

I started this website to share my travels, my culinary experiences and thoughts.  Let me tell you a little about the origins of this website. Several years ago I signed a pact with two of my friends – it went something like this:

“When in the course of human events,
it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the boundaries of life.
To not be sold to the mundane of the everyday
and not be caught beneath fluorescent light, sanity lost, soul sold.
To not give up the self for gold but sell our selves to freedom.
We, the vagabonds”

A little crazy yes - but I still find it resonates. I’m not entirely free from corporate BS and indeed find myself working under fluorescent lights on occasion. I still have bills to pay, family to call, a dog to feed - but this little pact is the reason Vagabond Poet exists. To remind myself, and those who choose to read along, that our lives just may not be routine.

If you stop and take a moment– you will recognize there are amazing things that happen everyday that truly are unique, even beyond the boundaries of life, sometimes completely without sanity and often with a lot of soul.

So what if the pact was written by a few creatively eager University grads looking for the perfect job, sitting in a diner and writing on a coffee stained paper napkin. We were on to something and Vagabond Poet is the result – no - life is the result. Vagabond Poet is what I see my life as under the looking glass: Extraordinary! 

Vagabond Poet is where I stop immersing myself too much in the everyday and remember to talk about the travels, the food and the friendships – because at the end of the day, without them, I would indeed be boring.

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